thanksgiving 2010 | our first post!

oh, hey. you found your way to our blog just in time to read our first post! how fitting to have it be about no other than thanksgiving. okay, we know we mentioned it was going to be a post about a family holiday session we just had, but i had pictures of food and it was thanksgiving. had to do it. i’m not one to partake in black friday shopping, mostly because the partially decent stores are located an hour or so away from middle of nowhere minnesota, unless our apartment needs some ace hardware merchandise. and secondly, i have a hard enough time focusing on shopping when it’s just a regular day minus herds of deal seeking humanoids. so instead, i tweaked the blog. there were a few moments of staring at the wall, but apparently it cures writers block.

thanksgiving arrived on rose lake at a steamy five below. except steamy in the sense that the air temp was colder than the water itself, which prompted me to bundle up in mismatched outerwear before barreling down the hill to get a close shot of the lake. i found myself running back to the house twice to warm up my hands since the only gloves i could find were fingerless…gloves. can you still call them gloves? either way, i froze my phalanges. the second time i came back in was going to be the last. after the boots were off and they took my socks captive, i saw the sun coming up more and casting light on the semi ice capped lake. grandma had just gone into the kitchen as i took the boots off. when i spotted the light i scrambled to throw the clunker boots back on and head out the door and down to the lake again with nothing but a wave to grandma as she stood in the kitchen. she probably thought i was running to catch the mayflower.

the night before thanksgiving, ashley and i took over the kitchen to bake some goodies. the cupcake recipe turned out surprisingly well after the idea went from good, to bad, to good again. i made marzipan from scratch to make the leaf decorations. marzipan = nonbakable = no burning possible. ashley claims some of the leaves i had cut out resembled gingerbread men dressed as leaves. all the while, ashley battled with the frosting and mixing our radioactive colored toppings. for those of you who don’t know my skills in the kitchen, i can not, NOT, not bake. i attempt. i make a huge mess, which usually results in the baked items on the floor and sometimes even me on the floor. when i do bake, it burns. so you might be thinking “ashley must’ve baked the cupcakes.” nope, she trusted me. it all went just dandily, until i took out the first batch of cupcakes. NOT BURNT! and find out 5 minutes later i set the pan of 12 lovely, non burnt cupcakes on a hot burner. two, maybe three are now browned white cake cupcakes. i didn’t end up on the floor though! so there’s progress. maybe even a little hope.

you will find grandma in one of two places in the house. either in the kitchen conducting her own episode of iron chef or on the love seat in the living room completing 5 crossword puzzles an hour. no matter what she’s up to, she’s been a blessing to have around. she’s brought lost joy back into our lives and the home, especially around the holiday season. and she seriously cooks and bakes like no other. she’s one of the many people i’m thankful for this year.

the food was delicious and way too easy to overeat, which did happen and will probably happen again before the weekend is over. uff. it’ll be everything turkey – hot turkey, turkey sandwich, turkey melt, maybe even turkey frittatas. i just like the word frittata. they probably wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon’t be made. WHEW! the overly o-ed ‘won’t’ is a result of the keyboard losing connection. it had me looking from the screen to the keyboard like i was nodding yes like a maniac, so i’m leaving it. point of the story, we saw ‘morning glory’ the other week with a friend and harrison ford’s character cooks frittatas as therapy.

and if you’re wondering where our family holiday post went, it’s coming! we hope everyone else had an enjoyable thanksgiving and safe black eye free black friday!

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Catie Jelinski Love the story and the photos! Sounds like a great time was has by all. I’m glad your grandma can help bring back some of the lost joy — the “first” holidays are tough, so very tough. Looking forward to more of your entries!

Sheri Oh my goodness, once again I am mesmerized by your pics. And your story telling is second to none, I must say. Love reading your posts, blogs, status updates, what have you. Hope you had a great thanksgiving. Love you both.

Wendy YUUUMMMM! Any leftovers? I don’t even care if they’re almost a week old! In response to your ‘no tweeters’….E-mail, facebook, texting and now blogging…..frankly I don’t think I can handle any more! And now as I’m typing, I have a facebook feed tabby thing covering half the screen and I don’t know how to minimize it! I can’t see the send button so I’ll just guess where it is and hope this sends! BTW, love your descriptions/stories/photos/posts/blogs! Such talent!

peggy wow – the food looks delicious and beautiful. i could almost smell it the photos were so great!

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