SHOWIT, SITEHOUSE & PASS – we heart you.

sometimes you just have to share the things you love so much. we feel it’s a crime not to. so we’re sharing with you the companies we utilize and have been implemented into ash & james photography.


almost a year ago, we did one of the best things we possibly could have done and revamped our website. we transitioned it to Showit and purchased a Sitehouse template (which we absolutely adore) designed by the überly talented Promise Tangeman (whom we also absolutely adore). we weren’t quite ready to go the route of a fully customized site, so we found this radtacular platform to be the most fitting of options for us. the drag and drop feature allowed us to make minor tweaks to achieve just what we wanted, while still retaining the original feel.


our site has helped define our brand and, not only that, has offered us this chance to spread love with what is called a +site. maybe you’ve seen them, maybe you haven’t. this is something we have just recently adopted into our wedding package. a +site is essentially a website for our clients, which is built off of our domain and slightly resembles our website. they truly are beyond nifty. we customize them to include links to our client’s blog post along with their PASS Gallery and offers some entertainment for your eardrums. for our bride’s and groomy’s, once your wedding photos are share-ready, your site will include gallery links as well. basically,  it’s a super convenient way for our clients to share their photos with family and friends, especially for those who are long-distance.


click on the +site below to check out the niftiness we speak of for yourself. (more after the jump)



now on to PASS Gallery and its magnificence. in the beginning of our business we delivered a disc of images to our clients, which had pros and cons. our packages went out with personalizations, like a neat label with a photo from their session on the disc, but this also meant trips to the post office along with client’s patiently waiting for their goods to arrive. now that we’ve transitioned to using PASS Gallery’s for every session, there are no more post office runs, but instead, instant invite delivery via email. talk about efficient.



our clients also receive a direct web address to their gallery that can be passed on to friends and family. a login with an email address or Facebook info must be used to create an account. upon signing in you can view, share and download your images as you please! the new gallery layout presents your images with such a professional aesthetic, and since PASS is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, you can easily share your images with just a few simple clicks. oh, and by early summer you will be able to order prints directly from your gallery. not only can you do all of this from your computer, but you can download the PASS app on your iPhone or iPad devices.



PASS Gallery screen shot photo


lastly, to sum up all of the fantastical features of PASS, check out their video:



these companies have streamlined our process from booking to image delivery and presents our own company as a well-oiled machine. if you have any questions on any of the features, please, shoot us an email! sharing is caring.


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