november 31st

it’s december you say? what?! i’d like to ask november where it went, but to save time and for the sake of setting myself up for disappointment and not receiving a response, i’m not going to. is it just me, or did christmas almost steal the thunder of thanksgiving? not that it’s a big deal. i was playing christmas music the week before turkey day and mother dearest had the tree up when we got home for the holiday. so, bring on the christmas spirit!

you’ve been warned about the random stories. today’s involves the social butterfly of our apartment complex. somewhere, not sure where, there is an odd underlying written rule that conversation doesn’t exist in an elevator. it does, but rarely amongst strangers. i usually talk, even to myself, because more often than not i hit the wrong button and wind up on the first floor when i mean to go to the garage. today a fellow resident, we’ll call her helen, proved all elevator rules wrong when she stepped off the third floor into the vertical cable car. please remember, we do not know this lady. never seen her in the two months we’ve been here, until today.

helen: “oh, hi guys. how are you today?”

me: “pretty good. and yourself?”

helen: “oh, just in a rush. like always!! where are you headed?”

ashley: “the post office.”

helen: “ooooooooooh, my gah-could you do me a favor and pick up some envelopes??? the ones you fill out??” (as she is also playing charades and acting out the motions of filling something out)

(short pause) us: “yeah, sure…yeah. the priority envelopes?”

helen: “yeah, well no, the labels you fill out. one priority and one express. then just leave them in the office for me.”

maybe it’s just me, but i can’t ever imagine asking a complete stranger in the elevator of my building where they’re heading and then ask them to pick something up for me. but if someone asks me to do it for them, i’d probably never decline to do so. and it wasn’t out of our way, so why not?  i just might try the “where are you headed” line in the elevator next time. if i’m lucky, maybe it’ll be helen and she’ll be heading to caribou. 1 french toast muffin, please! i’d fork out the $2 of course. happy holidays helen. as you requested, your labels are in the office.

can’t do a post without pictures! here are a few from our last visit back home.

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