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bergin fruit and nut company is a family owned business located in st. paul, mn. their specialties include fresh produce, nuts, and candy. not only do they distribute such healthy food items, they create them as well. it is quite possible that twin cities locals have probably found themselves dining out and enjoying a plate of greens that came straight from the bergin headquarters.

the day i toured a fruit and nut distribution company, everyone heard about it. i apologize to those who had to listen, but i thought it was pretty nerdtastic! until you see behind the scenes of what makes any operation run, you don’t actually think about what goes into the every day grind. the warehouse was like a grocery store for the jolly green giant! those of you who know about my grocery store intimidation, this was multiplied ten fold. jen gave me the tour and as much as i wanted to stop and stare at everything and see how many different kinds of apples and spices they had, i knew my short attention span would ultimately bring me face to face with a forklift relocating a pallet of cantaloupe, so i kept up as best as i could. we gathered product left and right and set up everything from candy and granola, to dried and fresh fruit for a shoot that went through lunch. bad idear! there were a few, as in quite a few, peppermint yogurt covered pretzels that didn’t make it in the photos below.

while their website is under construction, you can find out more bergin fruit and nut knowledge on their facebook page HERE. and if you have a large sweet tooth that somedays you wish would just fall out, you’ll probably take a long hard look at the candy below. those items can actually be purchased at the bergin outlet store in st. paul. enjoy!

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MOMMY Another beautifully orchestrated photo shoot. You two amaze me everytime you post something new. Be patient, good things come to those who wait. It takes time to get the word out, especially after people see your work. Things will pick up. Great job my dolls. Love the photos, and both of you.

arol Papenfuss Amazing photos! I could “taste” it ALL! Just by looking at it! Keep up the great work! Love it!!

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