i hope cameras have 9 lives

mother nature seems to be having major issues regulating her body temperature this weekend. this seemed to rub off on me yesterday since in a matter of ten minutes i managed to go from a sweaty mess, to a rained on mess, back to a sweaty mess.


in hopes of escaping the warmth of an airconditionerless house last night, and at the same time not realizing a thunderstorm was rolling in, we grabbed our cameras and decided to roam around jamie’s neighborhood. after walking 6 blocks or so from her place, the rain started coming down. since i had both cameras in hand, one with a neck strap and one without, i tucked them under my sweater to avoid the rain. living up to my nickname that i was reminded of the other weekend, i made a quick decision and without thinking, i let go of the camera i thought was strapped around my neck, but instead i dropped. my. camera. way to go, crashley. oh how i wish i was in a padded room instead of on a concrete sidewalk. thank goodness the camera and lens came out with minor scrapes and bruises, but it left me sulking a while over my clumsiness. i even disciplined myself by doing some work related things instead of getting sebastian joe’s ice cream. after i replayed the scene in my head, thinking of everything i should not have done, i realized how fortunate i was that nothing was majorly damaged. and that i’m only human and we all make idiotic mistakes.


i happened to catch these two fun photos before the cartwheeling camera incident. hope everyone else had an accident free weekend!

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Sheri Fontaine Oh Ashley, you must get that from your mom’s side of the family. Glad to hear everything came out ok.

Alex Don’t worry people, we were not laughing at the fact she dropped the camera. That would be mean. If it makes you feel any better Ashley, I managed to put a dent in my fender a month after I had it redone. If we were perfect we would be robots, and robots are just no good.

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