i have a new friend. she’s about 2 feet tall and can fill up her day pouring a cup of imaginary tea. spending time with a youngster who sees the world from the same level as your knee caps always intrigues me. we communicate well. she tells me something and if i can’t piece together her little giberished jumbled words, she just takes me to the issue. once i discover what she’s talking about, she delivers her constant response of, “yeah! okay!” want to eat cheese flavored food all day? yeah, okay! fine by me. i’d love to be young again when the only thing interesting in a movie about a museum is the dinosaur skeleton. it’s clearly the main character, not ben stiller.


this very day happened to be, unknowingly to giada, when her baby brother was born. oh, happy day.

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Alex Quite the young lady. You can tell when she is working hard at something when she is wrenching on her tongue. Cute.

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