over the last few months i’ve been stock-piling my rolls of exposed film, but for a couple good reasons. one, i thought it would be much smarter to wait and make one trip to the photo lab…with a burlap sack over my shoulder filled with rolls and rolls of film. not sure why the accumulation process appealed to me, especially since the photo lab is a whopping mile away and i really wanted to see how the pictures turned out. another thought was to send them out to a highly regarded lab out in california. i opted to give the local printer a shot and just send my next few rolls out to compare the work. i’m guessing there won’t be too much of a difference, unless the california lab also likes to surprise you with someone else’s roll of b&w film from a recent fishing excursion. i first thought jamie had a weekend getaway with “the guys” (more like a couple of old men) and didn’t bother to mention it…anyway, the photos turned out amazing! at least in my eyes, especially since it was my first time shooting film. ever. i’ll be honest – i think film kicks some major butt. the anticipation of not knowing how the photo will exactly came out to look like is kind of a thrill. but not knowing can also be uber scary, reason being why digital is so popular now-a-days and for many other reasons, of course. having the picture show up on the back of your digital camera lets you discover if the image was framed and exposed properly/to your liking, and if not, just delete and shoot again. this is not the case with film! when learning photography one starts with the basics, like what happens when you use a slow shutter speed compared to a fast one, how to get the “blurred background”, or what on earth ISO is. once you get the hang of these settings and how one affects the other, shooting manual becomes a piece of cake! red velvet, to be exact. my first film camera was a canon ae-1. on this gem you set everything manually: focus, shutter-speed, aperture, and whatever your film ISO is rated at. it seemed so time consuming at first, to the point people’s smiles had an added cheesiness to them. but one thing both jamie and i have learned over the past year is PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. our mom preached that to us growing up, and it certainly still resonates with us today. thanks, ma hewitt! ok, back to film camera’s…with a few months of practice with my canon ae-1 and recently upgrading to a professional medium format film camera, i’m finding digital to be so…boring! below you will see a sample of some of my results. the vibrant colors really make the photos come to life! sorry friends for the long nerdtastic blog post, but i had to share my thoughts with all yous:)


and here’s to more film shooting, which i’m setting out to do right now! watch out, future clients!

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