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oh, natural light! how i love thee. when the morning rays were beaming through my weathersealed windows into the living room the other a.m., i could just feel a randomly necessary blog post to bore entertain you readers with! a quick run into a local half priced bookstore was intended on being a 20 minute skim of shelves and out the door with a book in tow for a DIY project. it slowly turned into an hour, or two, wandering session through every aisle. you see, bookstores are very equivalent to grocery stores. my blinders go on and my hearing shuts down. i’m more focused on the selections on the shelf than i’ll ever be trying to accomplish any daily task. i did walk out with a few good deals, one being annie leibovitz’s book, annie leibovitz at work. at first i thought it would be some boring read of someone’s non-engaging explanation of her well known shots. if anything, it looked to be the perfect coffee table book for the shabby structure. turns out, it’s written from her point of view with a few hidden pieces of advice and rather amusing stories from her work encounters and published portraits. pictures + interesting stories from things one may never experience (more like never experience. a chance at photographing john lennon is long out the door.) = a book anyone can read cover to cover.


so, annie, if you ever so happen to stumble across this blog post in your busy schedule, let’s go roam around town with our cameras someday, huh?  i’d be an assistant like no other on your upcoming photo shoot. i can shift lights and hold a ladder like a regular ol’ pro. think about it.


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cindy AAAAWWWWSOME, I love reading your blog. You yourself are entertaining with your twist of words. Its very pleasant to read, because I ALWAYS get a laugh out of what you say. Keep up the good work. Love MOM.

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