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whew! seriously. WHEW. between the hustle and bustle of the wedding weekends, moving and slowly settling in and counting down the days until my business partner/right leg/upper arm/left lung (I seriously wonder if I’ll be able to breathe without her)/clone of a sister departs to the other side of the globe, SNIFFLE, SNIFF, SNORT, we’ve finally been able to compile our favorite pictures from our very first wedding. on top of that, going through the every day usuals plus a few cherries on top. such as me taking in ashley and brooks’s (lovely, ahem) cat, lola. enough of this ‘preview’ business. time for a real post with a little substance!


like we’ve said before, this wedding truly is our pride and joy. the day maureen’s e-mail dropped in our inbox from the world wide web postmaster honestly feels like 7 days ago. you were expecting me to compare it to yesterday, right? i couldn’t say it, because i remember yesterday as though it was yesterday for once. i tried picking out paint colors and tried thrice to mail out more wedding photos at fedex, which turned out to be a complete bizzaro world consumer experience. AND received the bashliment of resembling mona lisa. i wanted to explain to the nice parking attendant man that i do in fact look like someone; my twin, not dear leo’s notable canvas creation. besides, i part my hair on the side, silly man, and my posture is not nearly as healthy. but thank you for next years halloween costume idea.


now, on to more history of the maida & mahoney wedding booking. maureen saw our flier hung up in starbucks around the time we had a few of our photos furnishing a wall of the java joe establishment. she mentioned she was a twin herself, was fond of our work and considered booking us for her wedding for both reasons. clearly not because she, at the time, saw our extensive non-existent portfolio of weddings we’ve photographed. this was in fact a tough hurdle to, well, hurdle, when we started out. clients want proof. this was one obstacle we feared before having our first wedding booked. we hadn’t photographed a single wedding to date or anything besides engagement photos to show proof of our wedding day camera skill functionabilities, so we knew at this point this could be our breakthrough. we met with maureen to go over our contract, at starbucks of course, and from that meeting on, ash and i were overly anxious to have been given the chance to have our first gig booked. the more details we heard of the wedding, the more thrilled we became. on a beach, in the fall when the leafy colors were at their peak, with so many handmade and heartfelt details, down to the location. camp nawakwa holds more meaning to the maida family than we ever expected. after spending the majority of the weekend surrounded by stories and memories, we realized how this serene upper wisconsin lakeside wedding was the closest way to include chris’s late brother, who gave his life while serving our country.


months later, our first wedding had arrived. reflecting on it today makes it crazy to believe what days have passed since. not only did this experience put our first wedding under our belts, but it reasserted us that this is what we love to do. this post is not only a summary of photos from maureen and chris’s special day, but our chance to say thank you to them as well. thank you for making us a part of the day with your closest friends and family that will go down in your life story as one of the most memorable, because it holds the same meaning to us.

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cindy AWESOME girls!!!! Love, Love , Love the pictures. Absolutely gorgeous. I can see where these pictures will bring them back to the moment. Exqusite, again nice job my dollies. Love you both and think of yous all the time. Keep up the good work!

Jim Unger Beautiful bride!
Incredible scenery!
World class photography!
Fantastical day!

I just featured this as our Facebook wedding of the day!

Thanks for sharing!

Lindsay Tarte LOVE THIS STYLE!! I have been looking for a place to have a wedding on a beach, but not in Cali or Fl, this would be a perfect spot. I would love to know where this was in WI and who I would contact to get more info on this spot! thank you! beautiful wedding!

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