chris & abby >> denver engagement photography

our flight back from denver was that of a story to tell and surely one of those “you had to be there” moments. it was nothing short of a home alone airport scene meets snakes on a plane, minus the snakes. a false posted delay in our flight started our venture home on a rough note – the rental care needed 2 gallons of gas in order to roll us in on fumes and the now on time flight was not going to wait for us. oh, but it did. after talking to not 2, not 3, but 4 airline unnamed workers, we were able to make the flight that was 10 minutes late to board. on top of that, that was the most convinced i have ever been that the aircraft was surely going down. after being reassured by our lovely window neighbor, who had just flown into denver from LA, mentioned her previous flight was the exact same. she, who also mentioned she flies weekly, said she was used to flying first class and unexpectedly was placed in economy seating. being on this side of the curtain just wasn’t the same for her. after having a taste of the good life, that of first class, flying economy would never be flying in her book.


this couple is just that. two first class folks. when two people are put in front of you and help you create and display the beauty of love, you can’t help but crave more of these couples.

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alex anne one of my favorite sessions of yours ever. love the colors and the sense of adventure!

Anne Wow girls these are amazing:) The lightning is sooo beautiful and they look so happy

Lillian Rachel These are really nice!

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