sisters are very special. and according to a magnet on my mother’s refrigerator, twins are very very special. i look at twins as being just like a bogo sale. we just got lucky to snatch up each other to make a pair. it’s just a perk having a so said sister the same age with the same dna. we can’t read each other’s minds across seas or have any crazy twin powers of feeling each other’s feelings, but we can pretty much figure out what the other could possibly be thinking at a given time. to me, our best twin power is the ability to trigger unstoppable laughter spurts. majority of the time funny, obviously, the rest of the time, embarrassing. mostly because these bouts happen in public. ash, who is more daring with her hair, wanted an updated picture of her new ‘do. her lovely locks now completely set us apart on the appearance side of being twins, so my name will not be ashley for at least the next 8 months. we scaled streets for 45 minutes which turned into a 45 minute laughter spurt revolving around the fact you can’t apply red lipstick without a mirror. and in the end, she chose a picture from my phone as her top pick, folks. but she’s still my favorite bogo find.

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cindy I LOVE your hair, thought that was an old picture posted yesterday. Surprise, surprise. I Like! See you this weekend. Love yous both! MOM XO XO

Lizie This may be the sweetest thing I have ever read! you two=greatest.

Alex I can always tell you two apart; Jamie is the one I live with and Ashley is the one I tease. Cute bangles Ashley Rae.

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