minneapolis engagement | andrew + andrea

each and every shoot we wrap up it always feels like we can walk away with new friends. these two are no exception! andrea and andrew wanted their engagement photos taken back where it all started. the land that claims their meeting grounds. we traveled northwesterly to st. john’s university just miles from st. cloud where the warm autumn air and the sea of red clothed johnnies fans filled the campus premises. the homecoming football game had just wrapped up as we pulled into campus. a beauty-full campus might i add. enough so to write home about it.


this couple is almost too cute for words. at times throughout the shoot we were wondering if they even knew we were around, in their faces, even snapping close-ups as they fluttered around being all in love. you can’t help but tilt your head and smile at their adoration for one another. andrew cracks up at andrea’s quick witted comments and andrea can’t get enough of andrew’s charm or random tidbitty knowledge of historic lines of trees or canadian plane crashes. which we’re all still questioning its actuality. we wrapped up the night at a local sandwich shop, bo diddley’s, in st. joseph to be defeated by the world’s largest, but absolutely delicious, sandwich known to mankind. i might be exaggerating, but seriously. it HAS to be in the running for that rank on some type of list. possibly a stop for the man vs. food feller? this should be brought to his attention.


so, now that we can anxiously anticipate another wedding 3 seasons down the road with this delightful couple, we’ll leave you with a few of their photos that made us ooo and awe. here they be!

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