a breath of fresh seattle air

about a year ago we set a handful of goals as we stepped into the beginning months of our business. the highest ranked objective was to learn from a photographer we admire and well, let’s face it, slightly stalk on a non-creepy scale. we’ve had no lessons, lectures, one-on-one teaching experiences with anything photography. everything instilled into our business has been discovered through our own means of education; books, blogs, and yes, youtube U is where it’s at sometimes. we’ve been drawn to many photographers’ work for their creativity, knowledge and success they’ve been able to achieve and display through their online presence.  but we, of course, wanted that one person. a person that fit with us tighter than skinny jeans. someone who resonates an endless amount of passion behind their work. then, just a few months ago, surfaced andria’s work, which instantly reeled us in. a lifestyle and wedding photographer based out of seattle, washington, andria’s unique perspective and charisma is injected into every ounce of what she creates. with no doubt, she was our mentor. our mr. miyagi.


a handful of e-mails, two tickets booked, rain boots packed and a turbulent flight later we found ourselves in seattle. she’s a beaute of a city and alarmingly less condensed with hipsters than expected and we’ll return home with the calves of hercules courtesy of hilly downtown. by the way, whoever coined the phrase “minnesota nice” clearly didn’t visit washington first. seattleites are the friendliest of friendly folks.


arriving at andria’s stoop a few days into the trip with a slumberpartyesque load of belongings in tow, she opened the door and triggered a chain reaction of hugs; it was like being reunited with a long-lost friend after countless years. her infectious spunk was exactly what we thought it to be. and her “I want your freakin’ closet” style…come on people. not everyone can pull off pink lipstick. andria, on the other hand, can. her honesty and straightforwardness was something she warned us of, but trueness and reality was what we wanted. the entire day could not be replaced by any class and in no way, shape, or form could we have imagined the amount of aspiration and enthusiasm this one person could’ve brought to both of us. we all fed off of this zest from the day’s beginning to end, and this sensation has not ceased even to this moment. seriously seattle, we love you, but we want to go home, channel our inner dr. frankenstien, work until there’s no tomorrow and CREATE.


yesterday morning we woke up after the day of extraordinary happenings and by mid-afternoon we had a glimpse into our experience through the eyes of andria. it’s not every day you meet someone and after a matter of hours you’re sharing everything in life from love, to family, to golden sounding singing voices, to what we all want out of this journey of existence. thank you, andria, for refreshing our perspective. we’re ever so grateful for the experience you gave to us and we will forever be better photographers and individuals moving forward in business and life.

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